The Crafty Crafter – Rhubarb Bags

August 20, 2011


The Crafty Crafter is a little late today, right date, wrong time. I’ve spent the day with The Duckling, we went to my nieces 5th birthday party and brought both nieces back with us. Yup we have a houseful a 7 year old and two 5 year old girls. Looking forward to the next week […]

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Coming Up

August 16, 2011


Now that I’m back after a couple of weeks rest I’ve had time to think about what I would like to see on this blog and what other people have made requests for. So I thought I would do a little coming up feature with a request from suggestions from all you lovely crafters out […]

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Flitting With The Hobbyist – Busy Busy

August 11, 2011


Hi all, well I’m back! Its been a busy few weeks and unfortunately my poor blog has been a little bit neglected. What with summer hols and preparing for my first craft stall I’ve been beavering away and buying, buying, buying! First a bit of news, why have a blog if you can’t brag? I […]

The Crafty Crafter – Lorna Bateman Embroidery

July 17, 2011


Another installment of the Crafty Crafter for you and this week it’s a double whammy for any butterfly hobbyist. Not only do you get info on where to find some beautiful handmade products but you actually get to make them yourself with Lorna Bateman’s beautiful nature inspired embroidery kits. If you love needlework or ever […]

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Tuesday Review – WordPress Vs Blogger

July 12, 2011


Phew! Its been a busy couple of weeks but I’m back with the Tuesday Review. These days when trying to make it in the handmade market or in any craft or art such as writing or as an SRA (Self Representing Artist) it seems you can’t get anywhere unless you blog, tweet, stumble and facebook. In […]

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The Crafty Crafter – Oakwood Soaperie’s Ceri Aitman

July 9, 2011


Recommended last week by our Crafty Crafter I couldn’t wait to see Ceri Aitman’s shop Oakwood Soaperie I’m a huge fan of handmade soaps and cosmetics and can think of nothing better than coming out of the shower or a long relaxing bath smelling and feeling glorious. Ceri’s shop did not disappoint and I would […]

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