What on Earth is a Butterfly Hobbyist?

Posted on 29/05/2011


Well I am. Self proclaimed anyway. I’m an avid crafter and willing to try most things at least once…I do have my favourites – my current one being jewellery making and I’m working hard to perfect this one.

As well as learning Jewellery making I’m also working on a homemade christmas this year and planning on trying bath bombs, soaps, candles as well as reverting to one of my ultimate pleasures knitting and glass painting so keep checking back for updates.

Here on this blog I will be reviewing crafting publications, tools and events in the ‘Tuesday Review’, talking about my current projects and the ups and downs of trying to sell on the handcrafted market  in Thursdays ‘Flitting with the Hobbyist’ and looking at some brilliant handcrafted finds for those of you who love to buy handcrafted in ‘Fabulous Friday Finds’. As well as my regular days I’ll be taking part in blog hops and bead soups but I’ll let you know when the dates of those are.

I think the most significant thing you should know about me is that I am a mother to a five year old girl and it is possible The Duckling  – so named as she follows me around like a duckling follows its mama- will be mentioned frequently and with great pride, especially as she often likes to ‘help’ mummy or simply watch and make comments.

To keep up to date or just have a natter you can find me at one of the below addresses:

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If you just wanted to see some beautiful butterfly pictures set to some randomly annoying music … Well I’m happy to oblige

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