Tuesday Review – Kirstie’s Homemade Home

Posted on 06/06/2011


I think it is best to begin with honesty and let you know that I am a big Kirstie Allsopp fan and I really enjoyed her latest series’ Homemade Home and Homemade Christmas. Having decided to have my own homemade christmas this year I ordered Kirstie’s Homemade Home for inspiration.

It’s really important if you are considering buying this book that you take a couple of things into consideration given its quite hefty price tag. The first thing to know is that it doesn’t contain any of the projects from Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas. Indeed why should it? This is not a book accompanying that series, the reason I mention it however is that from other reviews I’ve read this seemed to be a major point of disappointment. The second thing to consider is that while there are 23 projects in the book, if you are looking for an exhaustive craft companion this isn’t it.

What this is however is a beautifully put together inspirational and aspirational resource book for those who are renovating or redecorating and have a crafty bent and there is no doubt about Kirstie’s passion for crafting and knowledge of interior design and upcycling. This book is written with those things firmly at the forefront.

Written exactly how she talks the book first explores ‘Room by Room’ covering the main rooms of the house and breaking them down to explore what makes the room and the different elements and areas to look at – storage and surfaces for instance. This is not a project section but full of advice and tips and illustrated with beautiful pictures of  Kirstie’s own home and how she achieved her style.  

‘Getting Stuck In’  is the project section. There are no step by step pictures but the instructions are clear and easy to understand and again written in Katie’s inimitable style. There is plenty to try all illustrated with stills from the show. I can’t wait to try the soap and candles. It is a try it and see book with plenty of different crafts to try and information on getting in contact with the experts and crafters that helped her along the way.

‘Search and Find’ is a great section which pulls together all the hints and tips Kirstie gave in the first series on searching in markets, antique fairs and second hand shops for exactly the right thing to make your home all about you and your style. For those of you interested in the crafts shown that require an expert such as glass blowing and blacksmithing you’ll find information here that will help you source your nearest crafter and artisan,

This is the companion book to the series so there is nothing new here that didn’t appear in Homemade Homes but if you buy this book I think it will be difficult to be disappointed. Its a beautifully put together slab of a book with a refreshing lack of pretension and some fabulous pictures. Theres lots to try and tempt you and you might just find a new craft to explore and be inspired to learn more about. If renovating or redecorating there is plenty to inspire you.

A tip though. Buy it from Amazon to avoid the hefty RRP.

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