Flitting With The Hobbyist – Writing, Crafting and the Art of Procrastination

Posted on 09/06/2011


As a writer as well as a crafter I know a little something about procrastination. Despite loving writing with a passion and having a head
full of characters yattering back and forth, explosions, fights, magic and everything else you can get on a page often its difficult to sit in front of a blank page and get it down.

There’s a pile of washing to do that can’t possibly wait another hour, despite it having festered for at least two days already.  The  dishwasher needs emptying RIGHT NOW and of course there’s blogs to write and comment on, people to like on facebook, tweets to devise… The list is endless I’m such a busy bunny.  It’s no surprise really; procrastination and writing (or is that writers) go hand in hand. Taking that first step and actually committing something to a page for other people to read takes a surprising amount of courage.

It never occurred to me that the same level of procrastination can apply to crafting . Having previously used my crafting as a
an actual form of procrastination I think it’s a little ironic that I look at my stash every day making plans, having pictures in my head, running bead strands through my fingers glorying in the colours and textures, cooing over sterling silver wire scared to breath in case it tarnishes, then with plan firmly in mind – pliers on the table – bead board out I’m struck with an urgent need for a cup of tea and I have to call Virgin Media – who by the way are getting up my nose at the minute – oh and I have to find the Ducklings trainers
for P.E. (Phys Ed for my American readers).

My Mum is a crafter in waiting, I say waiting because procrastination seems to be her watchword at the minute! Having acquired the
sewing machine, the cutting board, rotary cutters, rulers, threads, materials and pattern to make beanbags as a Christmas present for some of her grandchildren a good few months ago she still hasn’t made a proper start. Well of course her crafting corner had to be sorted out as it was spilling into the dining room. Sorting drawers had to be bought and each item painstakingly given a place. Then of course she needed a bigger cutting board and ruler as the ones she had were not quite right.

I wonder if this is all to do with the newness of everything, especially when you are just learning a craft. Mum is tentative I
think about cutting into her material because its good stuff, had a bit of a hefty price tag, I think she’s worried she’ll mess it up. It won’t look the same as the pattern or the image she has in her head. She’ll waste the material. It’s the same with me – I’m worried I’ll cut the silver wire wrong and it won’t wrap right and I’ll have wasted it and I think I have a tendency to be to tentative with my beads, especially the high grade gemstones. But hey! What did we buy them for right.

To test out my theory a few weeks ago, I took out two of  my highest grade semi-precious gems the beautiful Botswana Agate cut off a huge loop of 22 gauge sterling silver wire had a little think and started twisting free form. I stopped worrying about how much they cost and just had a jolly old time with my pliers and my every cloud theme. Resulting in these little beauties.

Beautiful Botswana Agate and Sterling Silver Freeform wire work on Sterling Silver ear hooks. Available from The Butterfly Hobbyist. £13.50

I’m pleased with the result and they look very effective. You can have a closer look here. Let me know what you think.

No real help with the writing though. I have my first two chapters down of what I think is a pretty spiffy book actually but I’m stuck.
Or am I? In a final fit of procrastination I grabbed my pliers and some wonderful antiqued brass componants from my stash and made three pairs of these gorgeous earrings!

Antiqued Brass with faceted carnelian and aspiration tags - Lever Back - Available from The Butterfly Hobbyist £13.99

Especially for the writer, crafter and artist in you. The tags I think are spot on telling us all to Imagine, Dream and Inspire while the
carnelian – for those who don’t know one of my current favourite gemstones, is said to help inspire and unblock all those fabby creative juices so they are perfect to be worn by the writer, artist, crafter and dramatist. I love them so much I kept a pair for myself and popped the other two here in my shop.

I have worn them constantly since I made them and have to say whether it’s a placebo effect or they actually are helping I’m ready and
raring to go. Right after I’ve posted this blog.. and tweeted about it … and looked at the Folksy Forums … ahem…