The Crafty Crafter – Funky Art’s Nelson Marquez

Posted on 10/06/2011


I love browsing around Folksy and Etsy, finding new things and stumbling on the unexpected. I didn’t have to look far to find our next Crafty Crafter who I happened upon just after they had listed a new make. Cool, fabulous, prolific and affordable the work of Nelson Marquez is quirky and very on trend right now. I fell in love with the brilliant picture scrabble pendants so I caught up with Nelson and asked a few questions.

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Q: Have you had any formal training?

A: Most of my training has been informal. After I left school, I joined a collective of artists based in Barranco, the bohemian part of Peru’s capital, Lima. The best part of this was that it was a supportive and sharing environment. The other artists taught me the basics of working with wire and macrame. I then incorporated my own ideas into different pieces of jewellery, such as necklaces and bracelets. Five years later, I did a silversmith course, learning the techniques to make pieces of jewellery from silver. Since then I have experimented with other materials and designs.

Q: What is your favourite piece at the moment?

A: My favourite piece is a bracelet which I have named, “Moonloop”. It is an intricate piece, with tiny beads on the outside of the bracelet. I have made a range of these bracelets, with different colour beads, and it can be custom-made.

Q: Are you working on anything special?

A: At the moment I am experimenting with paper, with the idea of producing cards or sculptures.

Q:  Should we be looking out for any new ranges?

A: I have just finished a range of earrings, using cat’s eye beads of varying colours. I’ll be selling these in my shop soon, so keep an eye out for them!

Q: I love your picture scrabble pieces – what inspired you?

A: I like the idea of re-using materials, and the scrabble pendants and rings are a great example of up-cycling. I like to use quirky and fun images to create something new from the classic game.

Q:  What is your workshop like?

A: I have taken over our kitchen table as my workshop and now we have to eat from the sofa. There won’t be any dinner parties at our flat in the near future! My girlfriend isn’t so impressed by this!

Q: Do you have any favourite Folksy crafters you would like to mention in The Crafty Crafter as an inspiration, Friend or just a favourite/recommended shop?

A: I really like the Mangle Prints Folksy shop. I love the range of designs and lino printing is something I would
like to try in the future.

You can see Nelson’s Funky Art here

To keep abreast of new additions, new ranges and more fabulous pieces you can become a fan on his facebook page here