Tuesday Review – Making Magazine

Posted on 14/06/2011



Classy makes and bakes for the butterfly hobbyist.

Today’s review will focus on Making Magazine. For those of you who haven’t seen it on your newsagent shelves, Making Magazine is a high quality publication, very slick, aimed squarely at the crafting market. For those who have seen it and browsed the thick GSM pages; admiring the card cover and beautiful pictures but not sure whether to pay the £4.99 price tag hopefully this will help.

Making Magazine is aimed at people who want to try their hands at a number of different crafts – and let’s face it those of us who love crafts quite like the idea of trying something completely new from time to time.
Whether you will enjoy the magazine or not will depend on how much of a ‘butterfly hobbyist’ you are. The latest issue for instance has bathroom items decorated using designer clay, t shirt customisation, glass engraving and painting, mosaic, lavender hand cream and baking.  If you like Kirstie’s Homemade Home it’s a fair bet that you will like Making.

The different projects give you a great introduction to some materials and makes you might never have come across before and without exception all the makes in the photographs look inviting. The instructions are simple and beautifully illustrated by the final product, but there is  in some cases a distinct lack of step by step photos. That said the more difficult projects do have the photos and they are clear.

The plethora of makes is not only Making’s strength but also its weakness. As a butterfly hobbyist myself I know from looking at the projects that many are not a simple as they seem to be and would actually suit an intermediate crafter in that particular discipline. Particularly as for many of the crafts if you don’t already have the tools you have to go out and buy a specialist item that you may only use once if you find you don’t like the craft – Spare butane torch anyone? Also it may make the magazine itself something of a one off purchase rather than a subscription buy.

That said if you do subscribe there is plenty to keep you coming back. Number one are the well-presented projects and beautiful photos as mentioned above, which are definitely a cut above some of the other crafting magazines out there and definitely outclasses The Craft Seller  in inspiration stakes. Where it also outdoes The Craft Seller is its features. Q&A’s with successful designers, crafters and artists longer feature articles focusing on an individual and their craft and another feature which looks at something ‘theme’ related.For instance while there were a large number of projects in ‘Making’ this month heavily featured mosaic and mosaic inspired effects so accompanying this was a feature on… you guessed it… mosaic.  There are often small fillers on high profile craft events and designer wins in competition as well as exhibitions and a page dedicated to their favourite blogs. Speaking of which you must check out Cherrymenlove recommended by Making – loved by me!

We currently subscribe to Making and as of yet I haven’t made any of the projects in it. As they are currently in their 9th issue I’m not sure if this is a plus or minus – I definitely intend to tackle some of them for the homemade Christmas I’m having this year, and it’s certainly inspiring; getting you in a making mood, what happens to that mood however is – I don’t have what I need to make a certain project, money sometimes gets a bit too tight to mention and so I turn to my stash of crafting goodies and make something else. That said I do have glass paints and the tools for mosaic ready for some present making in the future and the projects I plan to do, do come from the magazine. I’m not sure I will renew my subscription however and will instead probably look at the magazines individually as they come out to see if there’s anything I fancy, as for every project I like – there’s ten I’m not particularly taken by.

If you are still not sure whether the magazine is for you, check out their website here. It is one of the most impressive things related to the mag in that it gives you exactly the feel of the publication – including bonus projects from silver clay to strawberry tart.  Split in sections such as In The Garden, In The Kitchen etc just like the magazine, if you like the layout and variety you’ll probably like the magazine. If not then it’s definitely not for you and I’d keep the fiver for a mag focused on your own craft, adding something to your stash or possibly a sneaky Costa Frappucino and a chocolate brownie.

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