Flitting With the Hobbyist – Craft Block – Do you suffer?

Posted on 16/06/2011


So what to do for today’s Flitting With the Hobbyist? I was hoping to have worked with Memory wire as promised two weeks ago unfortunately my memory wire cutters haven’t arrived yet. I’m emailing the company today to gee them up a bit but until then my beautiful shell discs have lain largely unused.

Not completely unused of course, I can’t just leave such glorious colour to lounge around untouched. So I gathered the last of my silver ear wires, some sterling silver wire and decided to master a new technique with the wire – getting it to actually lie flat on a bead – Okay, not so much mastering a new technique, more an education in the finer points of swearing. Thankfully The Duckling wasn’t in the room, I’d hate to have to explain to her teacher why my five year old daughter was swearing like a trucker with a burst tire and a hundred miles to go until breakfast.


Anyway, I finally came up with a couple of designs I like. The silver wire on the Fushia and Purple shells looks really lovely and I’m quietly pleased with myself. Having made a purple pair for myself I just need to step out of the grey and black fog that is my current wardrobe and buy something to wear to match them! I have a Fushia and Purple pair on my site if anyone fancies a closer look.

Speaking of mastering new techniques I think it’s time I moved on a little bit from earrings. For some reason, unlike glass painting or knitting I’m having a little trouble grasping the basics of making bracelets and necklaces. I don’t quite understand stringing materials and always seem to get the length wrong or not tie the elastic properly. I’m thinking of using chain and chainmalle  designs, they will go well with the wire work, but at the same time I’m loathe to avoid stringing, after all you can get some beautiful effects from a simple string of pearls paired with brecciated jasper or obsidian.

Yes …

It appears I have ‘craft block’ –  Similar to writers block, where you stare at a blank page with an equally blank mind – I stare at my unattached beads sat it their glittering glory and try to catch my unattached brain as it makes a dash for the ear and FREEDOM BABY! – The biggest difficulty with ‘craft block’ is that unlike writing you do,  do something. The same thing you do all the time. In my case at the moment it’s earrings.

Don’t get me wrong I like what I’ve done but I’m ready for the new challenge if only my threading wire would inexplicably stop disappearing whenever I have determinedly set my cap at it. Of course it could be that my brain refuses to acknowledge its existence allowing my eyes to slide across it unnoticed (but clearly where I put it!) due to some unresolved sense of commitment on my part. I however chose to believe the inanimate object is deliberately thwarting me in my attempts to cut it and make it beautiful.

Really though; maybe it’s the age old problem of fear that’s preventing my next faltering footsteps in this craft. As I mentioned in last week’s Flitting , I think a lot of procrastination stems from fear of doing things wrong and perhaps wasting some of the materials I spent so long getting together. Onwards however! I must be brave and start to think about what I can design and perfect to go with the items already in my shop.

Do you suffer ‘craft block’? Have you got an area in your crafting or marketing that sends you crashing into a pile of dirty dishes or cleaning under the kid’s bed instead of tackling?

Finally – I’m playing with the idea of launching an open craft creative competition on the blog here and I was wondering what themes or
challenges you would like to see. Leave a comment and let me know and I’ll have details of the first TBH competition in next week’s Tuesday Review section.