The Crafty Crafter – Mangle Print’s Amanda Colville

Posted on 18/06/2011


If you have been regularly reading The Crafty Crafter you may recognise the names Amanda Colville and Mangle Prints  and this is because both of the interviewees so far have mentioned her as the friendliest Folksier and her work as inspirational. If you look at the slide show of her work below you will see why. Her prints are colourful, attractive and effective, why wouldn’t you want one or even ten in your home?

As Amanda has been mentioned by her fellow crafters I caught up with her and asked her a couple of questions.

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Have you had any formal training?

I studied General Art and Design at College after I left school years ago and then had a long break in art after working in a completely different field. I returned to printing again about three years ago when I took a part time printing course at my local college. I’ve been hooked on the process ever since.

What is your favourite piece at the moment?

I always love printing a new plate, and the excitement of seeing the print come off the press(or mangle!) for the first time has a real buzz. My favourite print though is the bird and roses print, as it signifies a bit of a turning point for me and has a special significance to me.

Are you working on anything special?

I’m always looking at different ways to develop my work and prints, so it’s great to have a little time to experiment at the moment to move forward. At the moment I’m keen to experiment with some bigger prints; maybe for a gallery setting.

Should we be looking out for any new ranges?

I’m always coming up with ideas for new work and prints; it’s just having the time to create them all! Watch this space….!

I love your lino prints especially your card packs. How did you start in designing and creating lino prints?

Thank you- I’ve always had a passion for pattern and print and have always experimented with ideas and designs over the years. It was only when I went to college and learnt how to print that I found the perfect medium for those designs.

What inspires you generally?

I get a great deal of inspiration from nature, especially birds and insects. I’m always amazed by the natural patterns and colours found
in nature, it never fails to inspire.

What is your workshop/sewing room/crafty corner like?

I work from home and my kitchen and table is my studio! Very often the family will come home to find prints hanging to dry in the bathroom and the kitchen on a make shift drying rack, they’re very patient bunch!

How do you feel that of the two Crafty Crafters interviewed so far you have been named as the most inspirational and friendly crafter on

That’s really lovely and made my day! Thank you very much.

So do you have any favourite Folksy crafters you would like to mention in The Crafty Crafter as an inspiration, friend or just a favourite/recommended shop?

Folksy is an amazing melting pot of very talented people and I have made some lovely friends on there. When I set up shop a year ago, I was overwhelmed by the lovely support I received from other sellers and makers, so it wouldn’t be fair to name one shop in particular. One of the first to support my shop was Elisa from Not Just Handbags I brought one of Elisa’s bags last year and still love it with a passion!

Amanda certainly lives up to her reputation as friendly and I’ve really enjoyed working with her on this interview. To find out more about Amanda’s work you can see her shop on Folksy here and her Etsy shop here . Keep a regular eye on what Amanda is doing and talking about on her blog here and follow her tweets here.