The Tuesday Review – Trinity Brass Co

Posted on 21/06/2011


Today I’m moving away from magazines and books to review a  product range. Trinity Brass Co™ produces findings made in solid brass with a  variety of finishes and designs from stamped pendants to filigreed connectors  in finishes from antiqued gold and copper to vintage patina. Their range is extensive and very on trend right now.

I really enjoy working with the Trinity Brass findings, they  are easy to use and with so many findings and charms to choose from you should have a project in mind before you start as it can get very pricey. I buy mine
from Beads Direct who have a very extensive range and prices range from 70p for  one charm and upwards. If you are looking for a more extensive range or just to  be inspired you can see some really beautiful bits and pieces here at the official  Trinity Brass Co ™ website, where they have a design gallery as well as
pictures of all their products.

Those of you who regularly read TBH may have seen my  Creative Brass Earrings. These were made using Trinity Brass findings. In my  first pair of earrings I used the vintage patina, and while these were very  effective I found a couple of, while not problems exactly, points to take note of if using this particular finish. My aspiration tags (imagine/inspire) were so darkened by the vintage patina that the words could only be seen by squinting and tilting your head slightly. Off putting when other people are  looking at you trying to work out what they say and I found that the patina  came off quite easily. While this added to the look of the pieces over time and  the words became legible, it did mean that my earlobes got a little grubby the first couple of times I wore them. I suppose this is a little like buying black  jeans – you have to be careful the first couple of times you stick them in the  washing machine and try not to sit on anything white. They are okay now and one
of my favourite pieces to wear.

Bearing in mind the patina transfer I then switched to using  Antiqued Gold Finishes. After all I don’t want reports back from customers  complaining I made their earlobes grubby do I? How bizarre would that be? I’m happy to say that this seemed to help a lot, the finish still wears a little  but is much less marked and earlobes stay squeaky clean! Or have in my  experience anyway.

With the price of precious metal still climbing for  jewellery crafters and designers finding good quality alternatives to the  simple plated gold or silver metals to keep work interesting can be a little challenging and Trinity Brass Co™ certainly does provide a feast for the eyes.  The downside is that of course the price;  while certainly not outrageous individually buying enough findings, connectors,  charms and pendants for a large project may give your budget a bit of a  battering.  That said the pieces are very effective when sparingly teamed with gemstones and Swarovski. Just bear in mind  when making a necklace or bracelet that the finish may initially rub off and plan your projects accordingly.

Overall I love Trinity Brass Co ™ products and plan to work with them again in future. They have an extensive range, charming charms with a very Victorian feel and while a large amount may be a little budget stretching
they don’t bust it completely.

To give you a chance to see these findings in action I’m having a giveaway and offering a pair of my Creative Brass Inspiration Earrings  (worth £13.99) to one lucky subscriber. To get your hands on my earrings subscribe to the blog and leave me a comment here telling me what inspires you. I’m always on the lookout for new Crafty Crafters so why not leave a link while you are there. The winner will be announced on Wednesday the 6th July.

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