The Crafty Crafter – Fizzy Popov’s Fiona Nichol

Posted on 26/06/2011


The Crafty Crafter is a little late this week as I was browsing The Big Bead Show at Telford International Centre yesterday. More on that on Tuesday.

This week I definitely have a treat for you. I’m completely in love with the work of Fiona Nichol and would be surprised if by the end of this interview you didn’t agree that her distinctive products are very special indeed.

I love clocks and really wanted to feature someone who makes their own. Searching clocks on Folksy I came across Fiona’s work and contacted her immediately, knowing that you guys love interesting finds I asked Fiona a few questions. Seriously, fans of upcycling get ready to salivate at the Fizzy Popov clocks.

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Q: Have you had any formal training?

A: I have had no formal training, but definitely have the creative urge! Over the years I have enjoyed being involved with traditional crafts, learning and experimenting with textiles by making hooked rag rugs and felting.

Q: What is your favourite piece at the moment?

A: All my clocks have been favourites at one time or another, as I tend to make the things I would like to own myself! But my favourite clock in my shop at the moment is probably the Vintage Motor Car Tin Wall Clock

Q: Are you working on anything special?

A: I am starting to work on a new project which I am keeping under my hat for now as it’s all still quite experimental to me, but I can tell you it involves a power tool and possibly some soldering, along with my favourite material of tin!

Q: Should we be looking out for any new ranges?

A: I’m always on the lookout for the quirky and unusual so you never know what you might find in my shop!

Q: I love your clocks especially those made from vintage tins! What gave you the idea for them?

A: I started making clocks from old gramophone records. I wanted to extend the vintage feel of my clocks, so started to look for other items which I could create a clock from. One of my favourite pastimes is searching through car boot sales, rummaging through other peoples unwanted things, perfect for finding original materials to work with! I love vintage advertising styles, and so tins became the ideal thing to search out for up-cycling.

Q: What inspires you generally?

A: The nostalgic value of the items I use inspire me. I love hearing the story behind why my customers have chosen to buy a particular clock, bringing back treasured memories of a place or time special to them.

Q: What is your workshop like?

A: As all good workshops should be it is organised chaos!

Q: Do you have any favourite Folksy crafters you would like to mention inFriday Finds as an inspiration, Friend or just aFavourite/recommended shop?

A: I have a fairly lengthy Favourites list, but if I had to choose one it would absolutely, without a doubt, be Kate Bowles  I love books and combining vintage and reclaimed items with bookbinding just ticks all the boxes for me! And not forgetting my other half of course, who runs Knottyburr and makes beautiful driftwood clocks.

If you love Fiona’s work as much as I do why not visit Fizzy Popov and to keep abreast of new items, news and chatter her facebook page is well worth a like!

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