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Posted on 28/06/2011


Please note photo taken from Bead Magazine website

I may have mentioned a few times (ahem) that I was to go to Bead Magazines Big Bead Show on Saturday. I’ll have more to say on that in Thursday’s Flitting With the Hobbyist post, but I did want to talk about one aspect of the show today and that was my decision to subscribe to BeadMagazines Bead.TV. As a novice beader and jewellery maker I have an awful lot to learn and as many of you who regularly read TBH will know I’m taking a methodical approach and starting with wirework. So far I have just attempted earrings which I load up to my Folksy shop, hoping for feedback and let’s face it a sale or two.

As an avid crafter who numbers the amount of crafts attempted, in the middle of or piled up in stashes in the wardrobe using an abacus rather than her fingers I swear by specialist magazines and books as the tools for learning by oneself. Of course nothing beats attending a course and being shown how to do something by someone who has been at it for years, but how many of us can spare the, sometimes, hundreds of pounds it takes to pay for the course, additional materials and to fill the car with petrol/ get a train ticket and travel miles to a course? Or are lucky enough to know these experts?

The advent of the internet and social media really has changed the face of crafting with videos appearing on You Tube daily full of great ideas, blogs, online craft groups and forums and crafting communities just waiting to suck up all your crafting time by getting you hooked on commenting and networking. In fact after the creation of something new by my own hands, my favourite thing about crafting is how easy it is to plug into a world- wide community of like-minded, funny and entertaining crafting brethren.

Well now there is something else out there that slots beautifully into this new world of crafting –  Hobby TV. The solution to grainy, badly filmed You Tube videos has arrives and at under £30.00 for the year (my subscription to Bead.TV cost me £24.00) well worth the fee.

With access to experts, many of whom wrote those beautiful books lining your crafting bookshelf, expertly filmed (I know I keep using the word
expert but please excuse the repetition) doing those little things you’ve tried but just can’t get right, or just don’t quite understand even with a beautifully photographed captioned page in front of you it really opens up a whole new world. For example I was delighted to find out that Linda Jones the writer of my current favourite crafting book Creating Beaded and Wire Earrings is a regular presenter on Bead.TV and today alone have discovered exactly what is meant by stroke hammering, work hardening and how to texture, all in 10 minutes at the push of a button. I know where I’ve gone wrong and can’t wait to redo some of my projects with her advice in mind. I personally can’t wait to view all the wireworking tips, hints and projects and when I’m ready to try silver-smithing or (God forbid) lampwork there are lessons on that too.

Don’t worry if your craft is not beading or jewellery making the channels currently available include Knit1.tv, Stitches.tv, Dollshouse.tv, Brushstrokes.tv and even catworld.tv as well as others including model railways. One of the best things about it for laptop, ipad, iphone users is there is a mobile subscription available so your commute to work need never be wasted time again.

I’ve just started using Bead.TV and I have yet to find a fault, navigation is easy, the video tutorials well shot, the experts – well bona-fide experts. My only, teeny tiny grumble and it is miniscule is that you are not getting an ad free experience. That said the ads are unobtrusive, relevant and
let’s face it what crafter doesn’t love an introduction to a new supplier and chance to browse?

If you fancy taking a look at Bead Magazine or any of the channels mentioned up close you will find their links peppered liberally through my post. Don’t forget my Earring Giveaway from last Tuesdays Review all you need to do is subscribe and leave a comment here.

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