Flitting With The Hobbyist – In Brief The Big Bead Show

Posted on 30/06/2011


As regular readers of TBH will know I attended Bead Magazines Big Bead Show at the Telford International Centre on Saturday. I think it’s safe to say a fab day was had by all. I had so much fun talking to the stall holders that I nearly forgot to buy anything! Never fear though I had saved my cash to go and buy I did.

Stupidly I thought the show was finishing a five. Arriving at about 11 o clock the plan was to wander around all the stalls eyeing up the goods and then go back later to buy when I’d made a decision. We spent hours wandering round talking to people and admiring the work of the artisan beaders who had stalls there and finding new suppliers. Mum who doesn’t bead and came along had such a good time and was well impressed with the Tufnell Glass demo – me too. Still not sure lampworking is going to be my thing though.

My main wants when going was to find tools for my wire-working to allow me to do it properly and I was very impressed with Proops where I bought everything I needed including the sweetest little eight inch anvil, cup burr, steel ring mandrel, ring gauges, helping hand tool, brass and copper wire in four different gauges each, tweezers and a hammer all for under £50.00 has to be good right? Not only that the lady was so knowledgeable I got loads of great information and now know where is the best place to get wire from.

Loads of fabulous finds and new suppliers. I’m hoping to get interviews with some of the stall holders especially one gent who sells the most amazing gemstones at brilliant prices and even has rounds made from sussex slate! You won’t believe how beautiful they are. I’m also hoping to speak to some of the artisan beaders too as well as Tufnell Glass. We’ll see.

A very brief post today as I’m afraid I’ve lost a bit of time somewhere. I think it may be under the sofa but I’m never quite quick enough to catch it. I promise an in depth and detailed report soon with links to those amazing finds I’ve been banging on about!