The Crafty Crafter – Tresor Belle’s Richa Walia

Posted on 03/07/2011


Ah the joys of children and weekend boredom. Apologies that Crafty Crafter is a little late The Duckling and I were spending quality time. That  and a wonderful performance of Shakespeares Much Ado at Delepre Abbey yesterday means that I have been unable to post until today. Onwards!

I’ve long been fascinated how some people can take a lump of clay and mould it into a beautiful and delicate work of art and I don’t think any have as delicate a touch as Tresor Belle’s Richa Walia. Working with Polymer Clay her pendants and earrings are miniature wearable works of art in beautiful rich colours of scarlett, purple, green and gold and many others. I was delighted looking around the Tresor Belle shop  and had to ask Richa Walia if she would be July’s first  Crafty   Crafter.

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Q:  Have you had any formal training?

A: I am completely self-taught. I discovered my own technique through trial and error. My background in Architecture and other arts forms have all contributed to my evolution as a designer. I believe, my jewellery designs are an amalgam of my experience in painting, collages, Indian classical dance and music.

Q: What is your favourite piece at the moment?

A:  I love all my work as each one of them represents a thought of mine at a moment in time. Therefore all of them are parts of me! However, my favourite so far is ‘Valerie’ pendant set. I am quite pleased with the way Swarovski crystal beads, goldstone, brass filigree combined with polymer clay could be crafted into something so elegant.

Q:  Are you working on anything special?

A: Right now I am really busy preparing a whole range for a contemporary craft market, near bricklane, London, that I have been invited to, on 17th July. I have tried to create some eye catching designs and also worked on new accessories to add my collection of earrings, rings and pendants. I have tried to experiment with different and unconventional shapes. I hope to see you there!

Q: We certainly wish you luck with that! What about us, should we be looking out for any new ranges?

A: Going forwards, I’ve got a few exciting ideas to play with. I would like to attempt painting on polymer clay along with collage-like layering, besides mastering other techniques on this fabulous material. Will keep you posted on this!

Q:  Your work is beautiful and so detailed. My personal favourite is the Valerie pendant and earrings, which I understand you are offering a discount on if the set is bought? Tell me more about how you work and what inspires you.

A: Thank you! Valerie is my favourite too! I tend to find inspiration from my everyday environment. It is surprising how little things can trigger off a chain of thought. It can be anything really, on a visit to Kew Gardens I was inspired by
the tendrils of a tropical flower and you can see them incorporated in my floral designs. Likewise, London city life once inspired me to do two rings, namely Urban Vibes and Ice. It is important to observe and learn from your surroundings for an artist and I try to keep my eyes open.

Q: What is your workshop/sewingroom/crafty corner like?

A: I don’t have a dedicated room or a work table. I use the family dining table as my work top, which gets invaded by my equipment and gadgets every night.

Q: Do you have any favourite Folksy crafters you would like to mention in The Crafty Crafter as an inspiration, Friend or just aFavourite or recommended shop?

A: I have found some really nice people and fabulous shops at folksy! Ceri Aitman’s OakwoodSoaperie , Paul Bailey’s landscape paintings, Prince Design UK’s ceramics are only a few of my favourites. I wish I could replicate Lorna Bateman Embroidery
onto polymer clay!

I have to say Richa’s choices of inspiration here are wonderful and I think I might be seeking them out for Crafty Crafter in the future definitely check them out. If you are interested in Richa’s work (and who wouldn’t be) you can view her shop here and to keep up to date you can view her facebook page here

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