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Posted on 17/07/2011


Another installment of the Crafty Crafter for you and this week it’s a double whammy for any butterfly hobbyist. Not only do you get info on where to find some beautiful handmade products but you actually get to make them yourself with Lorna Bateman’s beautiful nature inspired embroidery kits. If you love needlework or ever fancied giving it a go but didn’t know what to make you’ll get plenty of inspiration here. I caught up with Lorna and asked her a few questions.

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Q: Have you had any formal training?

A: I am actually a trained high school teacher and have a PE degree! I started with various crafts after I finished university and have tried many different things from pottery and folk art painting to water-colours and patchwork, quilting and mosaics. It was while I was on a quilting course that I first became interested in 3- dimensional embroidery. I did some initial training with Lesley Turpin-Delport and then simply went on as many different related courses in all fields of textiles as I could – a course addict am I!! So for the most part self taught and I have gradually developed what I hope is my own style. In hindsight I would have loved to have done a fine arts degree. Teaching is my passion though and my goal is to get as many people stitching as I possibly can – hence the idea behind the kits – to stimulate and encourage people to try a small project.

Q: Are you working on anything special?

A: I never work on one project at a time and always have at least 10 on the go! I am currently loving working with beaded embroidery – actually incorporating beads into the stitches themselves – and am designing a pincushion along these lines. I am also working on designs for 2 larger sizes of pincushion so lots on the go!

Q. Should we be looking out for any new ranges?

A Yes, hopefully soon new larger pincushion designs as well as beaded embroidery kits for brooches and necklaces. I have been working on a few simple design ideas for the embroiderer who wants to make their own jewellery.

Q. I love needlework and do a little myself, nothing as beautiful as yours. Are they your own designs? Where do you get your ideas from and how on earth do you find the time?

A I work full time as a teacher and designer and have been doing so for the past 20 odd years. My designs are all my own. I think the more you design the easier it becomes – ideas keep popping into my head so that is not the problem – the headache is finding the time to stitch it all, write up all the instructions and then package the designs.

Q: What is your favourite product at the moment?

A: I am concentrating on my pincushion range at the moment. I love trying all sorts of new and different techniques. The small surface area of pincushions enables me to try and to finish small projects as opposed to numerous, larger
undertakings which simply become UFO’s (unfinished objects!) in the draw! My favourite I suppose is my beaded scissor – keeper although I do love the silk ribbon rose pincushions with their beaded edges!

Q What inspires you generally?

A I love gardening with a passion – nothing more rewarding than seeing things grow – my love for flowers and nature influences the designs I stitch for the most part. I love so many different techniques, e.g. stumpwork, silk ribbon embroidery, raised crewel embroidery and crazy patchwork – right across my work, for the most part, I portrait nature in some form.

Q What is your workshop like?

A At the moment my workshop is a chaotic mess. My partner and I bought a lovely old cottage in the country last year. It sprung two underfloor leaks recently , which have affected 5 rooms downstairs, including the workroom. So at the moment I have no plaster on one part of the wall to allow it to dry out. But – at least I have a workroom and am not just relegated to working off my dining room table only as I have previously done – we will get there! I currently have to work in the diningroom though at the back of the house which overlooks the fields and has wonderful views and light to sit and stitch in!

Q: Do you have any favourite Folksy crafters you would like to mention in The Crafty Crafter as an inspiration, Friend or just a favourite recommended shop?

A: I love the fresh style and clean lines of many of the British artists on Folksy. I love naive/folk art as well as watercolour painting hence the
choices. Some of my favourites include: Dear Emma, Pants and Paper, Chocolate Frog, Paul Bailey Art, Seas and View 123, and Gillian Bates

If you love what you’ve seen here and want to know more pop on over to Lorna Bateman Embroidery.

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