Flitting With The Hobbyist – Busy Busy

Posted on 11/08/2011


Hi all, well I’m back! Its been a busy few weeks and unfortunately my poor blog has been a little bit neglected. What with summer hols and preparing for my first craft stall I’ve been beavering away and buying, buying, buying!

First a bit of news, why have a blog if you can’t brag? I have now qualified for my creative writing diploma with OU getting myself a merit and distinction along the way. Now if I can just get my novel finished, hopefully that diploma will show agents etc I’m serious and the quality of the story will do the rest! Big big thanks to all the fabulous buddies I found on my Open University forum who were massive helps to me and continue to be as we have formed our own writers group.

Now for the crafty stuff. I have been very busy making and designing tons of new jewellery to go on a stall I will be doing on 11th September. I’ve included a gallery of some of the pieces and I would really love your opinion. I have some steam punk inspired pieces and some simple Paua shell and silver plate chains too but I don’t have pictures of those yet.

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With The Duckling away with Daddy at the moment I find myself in the peculiar position of feeling at a loss and when I’m not at work I really need to fill my time. The Jewellery helps but I find myself looking for other projects so, I started to learn to crochet and I’m making myself a huge aubergine, lilac and pink granny square throw. Its very pretty but costing a packet at £4.50 ($7.34) per ball!

My Nana (Grandmother) wanted some hand knitted jumpers for my nieces and nephews for Christmas and bought some sight unseen. Whoops! Sad to say they were not very nice. Old fashioned and in some sort of random oatmeal colour.  So without thinking I offered to do it for her. Okaaaay! 19 weeks to Christmas and as well as making my own presents I now have 5 jumpers (of varying sizes) to pull out of my … knitting bag. Not to worry though we went shopping and Nana has chosen some fabby jazzy, up to date modern colours. They are only small so it should be doable. My own homemade christmas though? Hmmm might be on hold, all those lovely candles and bath bombs I was planning might need to fall by the wayside for this year. You never know though! You know what I’m like once I get an idea into my head…

On that note, any suggestions for finding time to squeeze in a Computing and Design degree? I’m going to have to find it somewhere folks ’cause guess what starts in October!