The Crafty Crafter – Rhubarb Bags

Posted on 20/08/2011


The Crafty Crafter is a little late today, right date, wrong time. I’ve spent the day with The Duckling, we went to my nieces 5th birthday party and brought both nieces back with us. Yup we have a houseful a 7 year old and two 5 year old girls. Looking forward to the next week and expect many requests to play with my bead stash and make bracelets. Most of my memory wire has already been earmarked for midi bracelets for my three little diva’s.

One thing having all three of them does make me consider is needing a bigger bag. Which is very apt as this week’s crafty crafter is Rhubarb Bags and I have to tell you I am so in love with the bucket bags she has listed on Folksy and was very pleased to find that I have caught her literally at the beginning of her Folksy journey. I’m sure you will love her bags and with many of us turning our thoughts to those … ahem … presents I’m sure you will be just as pleasantly surprised by her prices.

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What is your favourite bag at the moment?

My favourite bag at the moment is the large bucket bag made with Michael Miller’s ‘Bite Me’ fabric. Michael Miller is one of my favourite fabric designers as his prints are really bold and imaginative. They’re also at once both distinctly modern and inspired by vintage design. I always like a nice big bag such as this one that’ll fit anything and everything inside. I also really like the chain handle evening bag I up-cycled from a vintage 70s tablecloth as it makes the bag really unusual; the material has a lovely feel, too.

Are you working on anything special?

I’ve just launched my ‘Folksy’ shop so I’ve been working hard to get a range of bags in lots of different styles and price ranges. I am trying to build up a collection that has a bag for all needs. I’ve just been working on a range of fold up shoppers that are really useful shopping bags that fold up to a wallet size and fasten with a button. They’re great for keeping in your handbag so you have a fabric bag handy when you pop to the shops.

Should we be looking out for any new ranges?

Next week I’m going to be adding some smaller bags that’ll be just right for the bare essentials such as your phone, purse and keys. I’ll also be making some purses too. I’ll always notify of my new ranges via my Facebook page, so you can stay updated by liking the page here.

I absolutely love your bags, my favourite is the bucket bag made from Moda’s ‘ Poppy Field Yellow’ fabric – what  inspired you? What inspires you generally?

I just love handmade and original items. Like most crafters I love things that are unique and different which have been made with love and care. I also have a mini-obsession with bags. So, I suppose I am inspired by the wish to create bags that are individual and stand out.

I’m also really inspired by vintage style and I love old fabrics and home-ware. Just the fabric itself is probably my main inspiration! I particularly love bold 70s prints and it’s always great finding a gorgeous old tablecloth or curtain I can remake into a lovely new bag.

What is your workshop like?

I wish it was a workshop! I work from the dining table, which is ok but it would be lovely to have more room and not have to tidy up after myself all the time! I’ve surrounded the table with bits of old furniture and storage I’ve collected from car boot sales and the like so I have places to
store away all my bits and pieces.

Do you have any favourite Folksy crafters you would like to mention in the Crafty Crafter as an inspiration, Friend or just a favourite or recommended shop?

I’m new to Folksy so I don’t have a favourite yet but I certainly will in a couple of month’s time when I start to think about my Christmas presents. I actually can’t believe the amount of gorgeous things people are making and selling for such incredibly good value, especially when you compare them to a mass produced alternative on the high street. I’m also finding the Folksy community a really supportive and interested group of people so I’m really happy to be here.

To see everything Rhubarb Bags have to offer and see her fantastic affordable prices  you can visit her shop here and to keep updated visit the facebook page here

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