It’s all gone a bit wrong!

Posted on 19/10/2011


So …


I’ve been a bit of a silly writer… crafter

I lost sight for a brief moment of what I wanted to achieve for some wild idea that I needed MORE qualifications. I just HAD to get a degree, absolutely NEEDED to have a PGCE (teacher qualifications) before I was forty before I could even BEGIN to consider writing, crafting etc as a potential future. You know something to “fall back on”. Oh and not only that I had to do it while being a single mum and working full time.

So I signed up for a computing and design course (I know right???!) with the OU and decided something had to give. Stopped writing. Stopped blogging… yeah … I’m with you… big whoops right?

Because honestly computing, maths & Science is not where my heart lies and my brain cells are pretty much smooching my ear canals goodbye as they ease on out the side doors to ‘FREEDOM BABY!’ Whooping, hollering and waking the duckling as they go. I can’t even muster up enough energy for the subject to give them a good talking to.

Now I’m not one to give something up because it’s a little bit hard. In fact I really enjoy a great big challenge. That said I don’t consider reassessing my priorities as any sort of failure. I’m in a completely different place now than I was a year ago when I was convinced satisfaction would come with a degree and of course publishing success would be just a heartbeat away, because of course a degree is a magical door to happiness and success.

Well lets just say the idea is having to be modified and the decision to stop the degree and concentrate my efforts here and of course the partially finished novel, book of short stories and infinate other potentials is imminent. I say imminent as I like to give things a good old think through.

That said I think  my past plans for here might have been a bit ambitious too. So let me have a rethink , slow things down a bit, have some great ideas. Re-line up my interviews, think of article subjects and I’ll be back again.

Geez I’ve missed you. Shall we start again!



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