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Flitting With The Hobbyist – Busy Busy

August 11, 2011


Hi all, well I’m back! Its been a busy few weeks and unfortunately my poor blog has been a little bit neglected. What with summer hols and preparing for my first craft stall I’ve been beavering away and buying, buying, buying! First a bit of news, why have a blog if you can’t brag? I […]

Flitting With The Hobbyist – In Brief The Big Bead Show

June 30, 2011


As regular readers of TBH will know I attended Bead Magazines Big Bead Show at the Telford International Centre on Saturday. I think it’s safe to say a fab day was had by all. I had so much fun talking to the stall holders that I nearly forgot to buy anything! Never fear though I […]

Flitting With the Hobbyist – Craft Block – Do you suffer?

June 16, 2011


So what to do for today’s Flitting With the Hobbyist? I was hoping to have worked with Memory wire as promised two weeks ago unfortunately my memory wire cutters haven’t arrived yet. I’m emailing the company today to gee them up a bit but until then my beautiful shell discs have lain largely unused. Not completely […]

Flitting With The Hobbyist – Writing, Crafting and the Art of Procrastination

June 9, 2011


As a writer as well as a crafter I know a little something about procrastination. Despite loving writing with a passion and having a head full of characters yattering back and forth, explosions, fights, magic and everything else you can get on a page often its difficult to sit in front of a blank page […]

Flitting With the Hobbyist – All Things Bright and Colourful

June 2, 2011


Hi! Welcome to my first Flitting with the Hobbyist post. Like all crafters I love the materials I work with and buying extra for my stash just gives me a high that can’t be beat. Given that the first day of summer is so close I decided that my stash and I needed more colour. […]