The Craft Hop

Today I’m launching the TBH bloghop in the hopes of inspiring all you crafters out there and I would love it if you would take part. The first Craft Hop is on the theme of Birds and how you choose to interpret that is up to you. It could be using images or found items like feathers, charms or simply interpretation. The Craft Hop will leave from here on 1 September and I hope to see loads of different interpretations and mediums, photography, mosaic, paintings, ACEOS, lampwork beads, fimo, lino prints, felt, fabric or jewellery, anything goes, but it must be handmade and your own design.

So what is a blog hop. Its great fun, basically there is a theme (birds) and you fabulous crafters and artists out there make something and photograph it in time for the deadline (1 September) then on the date in question I’ll provide a time for it all to be up, you simply post your creation, a piece about what inspired you, the materials and how you went about creating it and include a link at the bottom to the next blog in the chain. Not only does it really get the creative juices going, but people who like what they see often choose to follow your blog and see what you are up to next. It doesn’t matter what platform you use to blog from as long as you include the next blog along and possibly a list of those who also took part.

If you would like to see how one works you can look at one of my favourite blog hops 7000 bracelets of hope, started by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things I discovered this at the same time as I discovered jewellery making, and while I wasn’t able to take part I loved looking through the blogs, finding people to follow and was inspired by the wonderful cause.

If you would like to take part please leave your blog address in the comments section. I would love to be able to contact you about the hop when I’m ready to put it up to make sure everyone is ready so please do come along to the facebook page, join the forum thread on folksy or email me at I also tweet @bflyhobbyist. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and seeing your fabulous creations.

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  1. Am off on hols but think should be able to get something posted when I get back !

    fab idea noodleBubble x

  2. Sounds interesting – count me in

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